Have an Abundance Mentality

The universe is trying to bestow gifts upon you. Are you ignoring or resisting its generosity?

Many people have a scarcity mentality. They cling to their possessions and relationships, fearing that they don’t deserve what they have and couldn’t get it back if they lost it. They’re emotionally stingy, only sharing their kindness, generosity and love when it’s clear they’ll get at least as much in return, not realizing that the more of these you give, the more you get. The scarcity mentality leads to a guardedness that robs them of much of the richness of life.

In all things, have an abundance mentality.

Have an abundance mentality about wealth. Accelerating technological and economic progress have given our planet riches kings and queens of just a few centuries ago could scarcely imagine. The distribution is unequal, but it’s there for the taking by sufficiently creative and driven minds. Believe in yourself and your ability to contribute to this massive wealth creation. Don’t be frugal, it belies a lack of confidence about the future.

Have an abundance mentality about relationships. It’s a big world, filled with fascinating people. If someone doesn’t want to share their time with you, don’t let it bother you. They’re missing out on a great experience, but you aren’t, because you’ll simply share the gift of your awesomeness with someone else.

Have an abundance mentality about choice. Opportunity is everywhere, once you start watching for it and acting on it. Design your lifestyle to be (filled, busy). That way, if one thing you want doesn’t happen, something else good will. You’ll become less outcome-dependent and happier.

Have an abundance mentality about information. Appreciate the miracle of information, that it can be simultaneously shared and retained. You can enrich the lives of others by communicating in an instant what it took you a lifetime to learn. Whether formally or informally, be a teacher.

Have an abundance mentality about positive emotions. Love, kindness, generosity, happiness: the more you give, the more you get. Paradoxically, magically, you can create these things out of thin air and add value to the world and yourself at the same time.

Have an abundance mentality about life. We live in a world of massive abundance, built piece by piece by those who came before us. Feel gratitude that they built this amazing richness and that you can make your own contribution to it.

The universe circulates its abundance: information, energy, love. Your body and mind exchange energy and information with the rest of the world, dynamically, perpetually. Don’t resist this sharing; embrace it. Have an abundance mentality and your life will become ever more abundant, in a continuous upward spiral.

Today's Activity

  • Notice five sources of abundance in the world and your life, and think of one way you can benefit from and contribute to each of those sources of abundance.