What you focus on expands, and when you focus on the goodness in life, you create more of it.Oprah Winfrey

The most precious gifts you have are your time, your mind, and your power, since these are what let you live an amazing life and change the world. But these gifts are as limited as they are precious, so it’s essential to focus them where they will have the greatest impact.

Ours is a world of abundance, but also of abundant distractions. Mind and body are pushed and pulled in all directions at once. Without a clear plan for living, we get jostled by the minutia of everyday life, driven by urgency rather than importance, squandering time and energy on the inessential and inconsequential. Our days become a jumble of half-thought thoughts and half-done deeds, as we meander down a path to nowhere in particular. Much of what fills our schedules and our thoughts doesn’t ultimately contribute to living successful, happy, meaningful lives. To use your time, mind and power on the trivial is to dishonor your gifts.

Your life is shaped by what you spend time on, think about, move toward, and engage with. You get more of what you focus on. So focus your time: automate, delegate, eliminate. Focus your mind: train your attention and become resilient to distraction.  Focus your power: concentrate your energy with intensity and passion.

What should you focus your time, mind and power on? What direction should you point your camera? Toward things that genuinely matter: dreams, desires, priorities, goals. Things you can control and things that leverage your strengths. Big decisions and hard-to-reverse decisions: spouse, children, career, if you choose to have them. Things that will help you build your ideal life, filled with happiness, pleasure and meaning.

How you should focus? With intentionality: consciously decide what you want out of life. With passion: move toward what moves you. With authenticity: align your focus with your fundamentals. With confidence: move boldly in the direction you’ve chosen. With perseverance: don’t dabble at life. And with judicious neglect: if it’s not meaningful, useful, or joyful, ignore it.

Today's Activity

  • What do you currently spend time, thought, and energy on that doesn't help you live the life you want?
  • If days were suddenly only 20 hours long, what 4 hours of activities would you cut from your current schedule? Consider cutting those things now, to make more time for more important things.
  • What one thing could you start (or stop) doing each day that would have the biggest positive impact on your life? Commit to that change.