Cultivate Perfect Moments

This year you’ll have half a million minutes, but how many moments?

Most of the value of a life is in a small minority of moments. Moments that define you. Moments of authentic self-expression. Moments of pure joy you wish you could carve in stone. Moments of lying in a field in the shadow of a tree on a warm summer day, with the one you love, watching the clouds lazily drift across the blue sky, feeling the gentle breeze on your face, living fully in the present.

When was your last perfect moment? When will your next one be? Is your life filled with such moments, or do your days tend to look the same, dulled by routine, blending together, passing through you single-file and quickly fading from memory? A life should consist of thirty thousand days, not the same day thirty thousand times.

Most people are truly alive only in brief moments. It takes something quite dramatic to jar them out of the stupor of routine. These moments tend to be fleeting temporary states, and the autopilot life quickly returns. Let this be your invitation to break out of the stupor. Begin right now to cultivate special moments as often as you can. Determine what makes you come alive and move in the direction of those heightened experiences.

Make today be worth remembering. Turn activities into events. Infuse every minute with spontaneous energy, exuberance and abundance. Don’t wait for a special occasion; make today a special occasion.

Most special moments are shared with others, so become more social, and treat every interaction as an opportunity to co-create special moments with others. Many people you will meet only once in your life. Treat the encounter as the precious gift it is, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to share yourself with them and to let them share themselves with you. If you talk to someone for five minutes, find a way to make it the highlight of their day.

Today's Activity

  • How many things did you do last month that you will remember forever? What can you do right now to increase that number next month?
  • Decide for yourself what a perfect moment is, so you can recognize them when they happen and cultivate more of them. Joy, passion, flow, authentic self-expression, making memories, sharing yourself with others, doing the beautiful thing... whatever makes you truly come alive. What are your perfect moments?
  • Who or what determines how many perfect moments you now have? Who or what is preventing you from having more?
  • What are your ten fondest memories? What was special about them? What can you do this month to enable more moments like those?