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Direct the movie of your life

Do you sometimes feel trapped in a life not quite your own, playing a role you didn’t choose? Are you being who others have told you to be? Many people live scripted lives, falling into roles that started taking shape in their childhood based on the expectations of others. Those lives become habitual, automatic, trancelike. If you feel like an… Expand this article »

Free yourself from limiting beliefs

What beliefs do you have, about yourself and the world, that constrain your present experience and impede your ability to have the future you want? “I can’t do that because I don’t have the time/money/skills.” “If I tried that I’d probably fail.” “I’m just not that type of person.” “No one has ever achieved that, so I couldn’t either.” “Others… Expand this article »

Favor the useful above the true

Reality is good, but you deserve better. Having an accurate view of yourself and the world is desirable to the extent that it serves you. Usually it does, but when it doesn’t, don’t feel that you have to value truth above all else. Instead, favor the useful above the true, and the true just to the extent that it’s useful…. Expand this article »


The most precious gifts you have are your time, your mind, and your power, since these are what let you live an amazing life and change the world. But these gifts are as limited as they are precious, so it’s essential to focus them where they will have the greatest impact. Ours is a world of abundance, but also of… Expand this article »

Value Time Over Money

How much is one hour of your time worth to you? Even if you haven’t explicitly answered this question, your behavior every day implies some conversion rate between time and money. And for most people, that conversion rate drastically overvalues money and undervalues time. The old adage “time is money” is wrong. Time and money are very different. Time is… Expand this article »

The Keys to a Successful Relationship

Being in a loving long-term romantic relationship is one of the surest routes to long term happiness. But it doesn’t happen naturally, it requires certain skills. The good news is that these skills can all be developed, they’re all skills you should already be developing, and they’ll help you with all your other relationships as well. Here they are: Expectations:… Expand this article »

Cultivate Perfect Moments

This year you’ll have half a million minutes, but how many moments? Most of the value of a life is in a small minority of moments. Moments that define you. Moments of authentic self-expression. Moments of pure joy you wish you could carve in stone. Moments of lying in a field in the shadow of a tree on a warm… Expand this article »

Have an Abundance Mentality

The universe is trying to bestow gifts upon you. Are you ignoring or resisting its generosity? Many people have a scarcity mentality. They cling to their possessions and relationships, fearing that they don’t deserve what they have and couldn’t get it back if they lost it. They’re emotionally stingy, only sharing their kindness, generosity and love when it’s clear they’ll… Expand this article »


We forget how to dream. Ours is a big world, with so much room for dreams. But we allow the frantic pace of modern life constrict our dreams, downsize them, whittle them down to nothing. We forget that our dreams are precious assets and just as we often sell our time for money, we often sell our dreams for money…. Expand this article »

Don’t Fear Rejection

Much of the trajectory of a typical human life is guided by fear, often a fear of rejection. And the form this guidance takes is of limiting one’s opportunities and accomplishments. This fear of rejection is a relic of our ancestral heritage. Extreme caution was appropriate in a small hunter-gatherer community in which a single rejection could result in permanent… Expand this article »