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Be present

The mind is a noisy place. We often get lost in thoughts of a remembered past or an anticipated future. Whether reminiscing or regretting what has happened, or planning or worrying about what might happen, the past and the future steal our attention away from the present. We become mentally absent, on autopilot, forgetting to experience what’s happening right here… Expand this article »

You have an expiration date

Along with the gift of self-awareness comes awareness of our mortality. Your battery is running down and can’t be recharged. We prefer not to think about what we wish wasn’t so, but the tragedy is that we’re mortal, not that we know we’re mortal. Knowledge yields power, and by accepting that your time is limited, you can use this information… Expand this article »

Think big

Internal and external forces conspire to make us think small. Fear of failure. Fear of social disapproval. Lack of confidence, imagination, inspiration. A world filled with meandering, half-lived lives that shape our beliefs about what life can be. Colleagues, friends and family who discourage our boldness because it makes them look like cowards and failures, or because they don’t want… Expand this article »

High self-esteem is essential for a well-lived life.

Having high self-esteem means experiencing life from a place of worthiness. With this attitude, it’s easier to find success, because high self-esteem encourages optimism, confidence and resilience. It’s easier to find meaning, because seeing value within yourself makes it easier to see value outside yourself. And it’s easier to find happiness, because to fully experience pleasure, belonging and love, you… Expand this article »

Get out of your comfort zone

Comfort is easy. We fear uncertainty, loss, pain, and so we seek to cushion ourselves against the rawness of life by spending our lives in artificial, climate-controlled boxes safe from unwanted intrusion. Powerful forces conspire to keep you in your comfort zone, penned by fear. The system wants you to be compliant, following the rules of the group, being an… Expand this article »

Take responsibility for your life

Are you a product of your circumstances? Has the path your life has taken been determined largely by forces beyond your control? Even if this is the case, stop believing it. Persuade yourself that you’re in control of your life. A responsibility avoidance mentality has a seductive allure. If you aren’t in control then it’s not your fault you don’t… Expand this article »

Living well is like riding a bike

Jack and Jill want to learn to ride bikes. Jack plans to read every book ever written about bike riding. Jill plans to get on a bike and start pedaling. Who will learn faster? Fortunately, every skill required for optimal living is learnable. Deciding what to value; selecting worthwhile goals; bringing awareness and control to your thoughts and feelings; discovering… Expand this article »

Don’t worry about what others think of you

Are you who people think you are? Or do you let them see only a persona carefully crafted for likeability? Do you tiptoe through life, saying and doing only what passes through your internal social acceptability filter? Fear of social judgment wears many masks: shame, shyness, etiquette, prudence, perfectionism. Whatever form it comes in, its impact is to limit, to… Expand this article »

Wake up

Wake up! If you’re reading this, then you’re already awake in the traditional sense. (Unless you’re dreaming right now and I’m just a character in your dream, in which case, please don’t wake up.) But are you conscious? Were you conscious a minute ago, before I asked the question? Were you aware that you existed? If not, when did you… Expand this article »

Fill your life with amazing people

Your identity drifts in the direction of those you spend time with, because everything important is contagious: moods, attitudes, beliefs, desires, values. Happiness or sadness, success or failure: what you surround yourself with is what you’ll get. You will be influenced, so choose your influences wisely. Your time is limited and you can’t interact with everyone, so be selective about… Expand this article »